The style of Youtube logo has changed 5 times over the years.


The story of YouTube begins in 2005, when three friends came up with the idea of creating a unique online dating site. The main feature was that people had to upload videos instead of photos as this allowed them to get more data about the users. The idea was great because there was no such service online at the time. So it went viral.

So, YouTube showed up and dramatically changed the situation. As it turned out, people needed not only a video dating site, but one that could support a lot of video sharing. Since then, the world has never become the same.


The old YouTube logo consisted of the words “You” and “Tube”. The first word was written in clear, black font, and the second in white, formed by a red, softened rectangle. Only a few current YouTube users will understand the meaning of Tube. This term refers to CRT tubes that were used in old televisions and monitors. This, of course, is not important today.


The company suddenly realized this and decided to change the logo a bit. The new YouTube logo looks much more modern because the button has been highlighted.


They finalized it is time to remove gradients behind Tube background.

2017 to present day

This is the Play button. VHS is also obsolete, but button design has undergone epoch-making changes and a science-technology revolution. It now symbolizes the most popular website, which is visited by at least half of Internet users every month.