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United States
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The “Destiny” video game logo appeared along with its release. The authors have not officially explained what the original mark means, so consumers interpret the characters differently, presenting several theories.

The logo was named “Tricorn” because of the number of “horns”. According to one hypothesis, it can be related to one of the elements of the game (storyline, heroes, facts), assign a class (Titan, Worlock, Hunter) or race (Awoken, Human, Exo).

There is one word in the text part of the logo – “Destiny”. The letters are large and spaced. The font is simple, without a serif, in capital letters and its wordmark is given in a clear sans serif uppercase typeface. All characters are distributed proportionally along the length, so the middle is a “T” that hangs like a cross over a graphic element. The color palette is minimalist, with muted shades of gray, white, and black.

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